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Simanim Blessings

Edible Blessings: Symbolic Foods for Rosh Hashanah

There is a delightful Jewish tradition on Rosh HaShanah to eat a variety of foods, each representing something we request from God for the coming year. Last year, when we could not join together in person, we joined together on Zoom on the first night of Rosh HaShanah to share in the experience of these “edible blessings”. This year I encourage you to observe this custom at home with your family and friends. The blessings themselves are plays on words. Many are puns. Some are about the food item itself. Some are found in the Talmud; others are of more modern vintage. The foods should all be readily available at the grocery store. In addition to these, feel free to create your own “edible blessings” and to bring them to your Rosh HaShanah table. If you have some particularly good ones, let me know, and I might include them on next year’s list.


Simanim 5782